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Sept 2015 - Jan 2024

Reliable Partner with a Proven Track Record

London Wall Lending is a team of experienced property professionals. Since 2015 we have been the choice of developers and investors, who seek us out for our ability to offer bespoke development, bridge and revolving credit finance solutions to meet their objectives.

Bridge Loan

Landlords, Developers and Investors come to us for loans that are bespoke, flexible and fast. We secure these loans against a wide range of UK properties from small flats to student accommodations.

Development Loan

Developers come to us for capital at any stage of a project from acquisition to construction, to exit. We know what successful development finance requires. We have 360-degree sector experience.

Peak Debt Facility

Housebuilders come to us for a specialist facility to finance the construction of new-build family housing. Revolving credit facility utilised to fund construction costs at the start of the development.

Why London Wall Lending is Different


No borrower or project is the same. One size or one set of interest rate product tables doesn’t fit all. Instead we look at every deal with fresh eyes, so we can structure and price it accordingly to help you achieve the right results.


We believe that good relationships are the bedrock of successful transactions and partnerships. That’s why we prioritise trust, commitment and reliability. We value our reputation as the finance partners who live up to its promises, leaving you free to realise your ambitions.


We understand the time pressures of a good opportunity. That’s why our processes are designed to be as efficient and fast as possible.

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