Who do we work with?

We work with the following:

  • National and Regional Housebuilders
  • Professional Developers
  • UHNW & HNW individuals
  • Public Listed Companies
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Overseas Companies

How do we lend?

Our goal is to make borrowing as easy, fast and effective as possible. At London Wall Lending we believe that this requires a team of experts whose knowledge covers every aspect of the property industry, a bespoke approach to each transaction, and accelerating the standard processes in any loan.

Close collaboration drives faster decision making. Submitting your online application allows us to conduct the necessary initial due diligence, issue the term sheet, and meet, discuss and finalise the details of the loan. We can then underwrite the loan and issue funds. You will then be free to carry out and complete your project. The loan is repaid once the project is completed and the terms of the loan expire.

  • You submit your Application
  • We conduct intial due diligence
  • If approved, we send you a Term Sheet, subject to which is due diligence
  • We instruct an independent valuation, and appoint legal advisors
  • We meet, discuss the loan, complete due diligence and finalise the trnsactoin details
  • We complete the transaction and issue funds
  • You carry out and complete your project
  • You refinance the loan or sell the property and repay the loan

How can you get a faster decision?

Submitting complete documentation at the earliest stage possible means we can move faster for you.

This is what we’ll need from you:

  • Online application form, or email or telephone call
  • Summary of the required loan
  • Details of borrowers relevant track record
  • Up to date KYC documents (PoA & PoI)
  • Exit strategy

Plus any other information as requested by London Wall Lending.

Unregulated Loans

London Wall Lending only provides unregulated loans.

An unregulated loan is essentially one secured by any kind of property asset, apart from a residential property that the borrower is living or going to live in.

It is important to note that London Wall Lending does not provide regulated loans.

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