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London Wall Lending is part of multi-family office London Wall. The Partners and lending team have over 100 years of combined track record in the UK real estate industry.

We introduced the same approach to bridge loans and development finance that were already the hallmark of our existing asset management business. We believe that important transactions rely on personal service and high levels of integrity, and communication between all parties.

As a result, since 2015 we have financed all kinds of projects all over the UK, from bridge loans for small-scale refurbishments to full-scale new build developments.

We earn our clients’ trust by getting to know them as people, and not just as credit scores, allowing us to provide signficant loans, that meet the objectives.

A Different Kind of Lender:

Six things to look for


Banks are sometimes reluctant to lend to medium-size projects (under £50m). When they do, they often offer unacceptable terms with long processes.

Our starting point is the willingness to make things happen.

We are ready to lend up to 65% Gross LTV, more than many banks will. This way you can work your capital harder or spread it across multiple schemes. Our rates are highly competitive and there are no hidden costs.


London Wall Lending can move much faster than a large financial institution. We are small and nimble with the ability to schedule credit committee as required. We understand the time pressures of a good opportunity and that is why all our internal processes are arranged to be as efficient as possible and make sure you never miss an opportunity.


We will consider planning uplift achieved towards your equity contribution. And unlike most banks, we also take a view on what conditions need to be satisfied prior to initial drawdown and what can wait until the build commences. That means you can spend longer appointing the right professional team without fear of missing your completion date.


Trust is an integral part of any project that involves more than one partner. We believe in a human approach and are committed to being a reliable partner who will deliver on its terms and allow you to focus on executing your project in the most effective way.


No lender or project is the same. All our loans are structured and priced for risk. That is why we look at every deal with a fresh perspective and structure it in a unique and balanced way to make sure it is delivered as efficiently as possible.


There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to understanding your needs. Fortunately, we have plenty of it. And not just as lenders. A number of our team have successful backgrounds as property developers and investors too. All of which helps us to understand you requirements better.

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